Freight Saver™ Dunnage Bags

Polywoven Distributors manufactuers Freight Saver™ Dunnage Bags.

The Partners

Tom Hensby

Tom Hensby

Tom Hensby has more than 30 years of experience in performance packaging, protective packaging and damage prevention. When you deal with Tom, you are dealing with the owner of the company – not a low-level employee.

The Product

Our polywoven bags are sourced from Vietnam and made to our performance specifications, which are designed to exceed minimum industry standards set by the Association of American Railroads (AAR).

Our factory has a vertically integrated manufacturing process, making us unique in the industry in that regard. One phone call allows us to manage materials cost, production scheduling, process control, quality control, new product development, orders, and logistics. This results in streamlined rapid response and keeps costs low through efficiencies.

Our Warehouse

We store bags in Joplin, MO which is centrally located with good access to major freight corridors. We can ship to any location in the continental US in 1-4 days. We inventory all standard sizes in a variety of strengths.

LEVEL 1         Series 1000 & 1100 – Over the road trucking / intermodal

LEVEL 2        Series 2000 – Export sea container

LEVEL 4         Series 4000 – Light and heavy rail shipments