Portable Dunnage Inflator


Match the proper tool to your job.  Our inflators are built for speed and durability.

Faster dunnage inflation times means your employees will be able to fill dunnage bags faster and save time. We have two different options of portable dunnage inflators that can be moved around a warehouse or forklift mounted. If you don’t have compressed air where you’ll be filling dunnage bags, these portable inflator tools are your best option.

We have two portable dunnage inflator options:

  1. Electric Blower (plugs into a standard wall socket)
  2. Battery Powered Blower (optional Forklift Mount)

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Features & Benefits

  • Fastest portable inflators in the Industry
  • Battery-powered options available
  • Can be mounted directly on a forklift

Typical Uses

  • Used for inflating dunnage bags when compressed air isn’t available.
  • Used when a portable option is needed.